Creating a profile

AFCC members can create a profile for the members section of the website. So why take the time? There are features available to members that help your practice directly. Here are the top 3:

1) Files and documents

Members gain access to the Files section. Here, we will archive content from Breakfast events, user-submitted practice aids, and other content directly relevant to the topics that you care about. Members can download as well as contribute content to the Utah AFCC community here, in case you lost that handout from the event a few months back.

2) Member directory and practice details

Oh, the number of times I have been asked "what AFCC [profession] is familiar with [specialized practice]?" Sure, you could get a list of Utah members from

, but that listing doesn't have any information beyond professional credentials. In the Utah Chapter site, we want to have the ability to list special practices like PGAL, Special Master, Parent Time Coordinator, Custody Evaluator, or Collaborative Law. This only works if you create a profile and fill in what you do, because only you have that information.

This makes our chapter website the only place that lists specialty details for all disciplines in one place.

3) Member Forum

Not every AFCC member uses Facebook, so there is no single place that provides a repository of communal knowledge and discussion amongst all the AFCC Utah members of every discipline. Since it is only accessible to active members, this gives a safe space to ask questions and share knowledge and

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